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Since 2013, we make you live unique experiences

In the historical center of Genova, inside selected palaces, we offer an exclusive pesto experience.

In your mortar you will find engredients and recipe sas tools to discover Genova and Liguria, a particular territory, between sea and hills, rich in art, history, home of heroes and typical dishes.

Our experiential activities, designed for adults and children, teach the techniques and methods for preparing an authentic Genovese pesto made with a mortar.

The right opportunity to be the “Chef of the day”!


Your experiences in Genova's Palazzi dei Rolli


Let's cook traditional Genoese dishes


Enjoy the dishes you made with a good glass of wine!


Live a unique experience!
What you make is what you eat

Prince of our lessons? pesto, symbol of Genovese culture, basil, pine nuts… the mortar and pestle, but not only that, pesto is a passion, an opportunity to live in a special place, between sea, sky and rocks, an area unique in the world where we are proud to live and happy to welcome you.

Of course, our pesto experience is simply unforgettable, but we can also offer you unique experiences preparing other traditional dishes, all for you to taste.
From Genovese pesto to cappon magro, from fresh pasta to anchovy pie and much more, such as pansoti with walnut sauce, stuffed vegetables, canestrelli cookies, trofiette and corzetti pasta, vegetable pies…
Like a local, you can discover with us the shops where you can buy traditional ingredients to start your experience!

We are always open by request.
Choose your favorite lesson, date and time and book your activity!

Your activity will take place inside a fresco painted historic palace that in the XVI Century was part of the Sistema dei Rolli. Together we will prepare a traditional Genovese dish, accompanied by a glass of local wine. Canestrelli cookies and limoncino will complete our food and wine journey together.

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Prepare pesto with mortar and pestle, fresh ingredients, following the traditional recipe. Enjoy it with Genovese focaccia and a glass of local white wine

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Prepare pesto with mortar and pestle, fresh ingredients, following the traditional recipe.
You will than taste it with freshly cooked "trofiette pasta"

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With flour and egg make tagiaen or corzetti pasta, seasoned with the pesto prepared by you with mortar and pestle. We will cook your dish together!



Prepare walnut sauce with mortar, make "pansoti," traditional stuffed pasta. You will be ready to enjoy your dish with focaccia and local white wine

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Prepare cappon magro, an ancient tasty and colorful dish made with fish and vegetables, authentic icon of local cuisine and enjoy it with a glass of local white wine

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Join a guided tasting of two wines paired with local products. A journey of flavors through a food-and-wine trail from eastern to western Liguria


Let yourself be involved in our passion

Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life

Graduated in modern letters, artisan of macramé, typical lace with Ligurian knots and a thousand passions to cultivate. One above all Genoa and Liguria, a territory to be discovered among the “caruggi” of the old city and riviere but especially around the table


… from technology to mortar. A passion made of territorial research and attention to the customer. One goal among all: to make Genoa and Liguria known through food using mortar and pestle but also keyboard and mouse.


About us: food advisor by passion

Here we are! Mario and Cristina, for us Creattivando is passion, a passion with which we want to be contagious for our guests.

In 2013 we started the adventure of Creattivando animated by the firm belief that tourism and the brand Genova and Liguria would be successful. In recent years we have developed our thinking by creating a flexible format, based on the experience of food but also rich in history and local culture without forgetting the attention to taste, quality and emotion. Over 1,000 visitors a year confirm that our model is effective.

Each activity will be unique and unforgettable. Attention to detail, the selection of ingredients are key elements of the experiential action. Nothing is left out to assure you an emotion made to remain in your mind.

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Are you a Tour Operator?

Creattivando is able to meet the needs of groups who want to experience the excitement of visiting a site of prestigious historical and artistic value in the heart of Genoa with the tasting of products of the Ligurian territory.

From show cooking to the pesto contest experience, we offer a wide range of carefully designed opportunities with a focus on involvement and fun.

Activities are customizable with respect to the choice of typical products to be tasted and time availability. The spaces have the appropriate hosting facilities; it is also possible to extend the tasting with lunch or dinner that can be modulated according to specific needs.